I have a system whereby it is necessary to redirect x messages from
one machine to another.

This is because an equipment not under my control is redirecting its
display to one of our machines, however this machine no longer has a a
display of its own. The ip address to which the external equipment is
redirecting it's display cannot be changed as this is legacy equipment
out of my control.

In order to do this redirection, I am attempting to write a socket
server application that listens for messages on port 6000 and then
sends them on to port 6000 of the new machine that needs to display
the x applications and has an xserver running.

A couplf things...

1. Does this solution sound sensible?

2. I do not really know too much about how x works, will the machine
running the xserver send messages back to the application without
first receiving a message from the app.? If so I will need to make the
socket server listen to both ends all the time. If not I can just
listen for the app and then wait for any reply. This would be more

Any suggestions, comments etc would be much appreciated.