I'm probably going to just reinstll - but I'm really curious if anyone can
figure out what the problem is.

I have a fairly new install of RedHat9 with X 4.3.0 on an M810LR
motherboard - SiS 6630 video. I had one crash which required some fsck
repair and tune2fs to rebuild the journa. Now, when I start X (either
with runlevel 5, or manual startx in runlevel 3) the mouse works fine (I
can click the menu items at the botton of the loging screen) but any
keyboard character has the effect of <+>. Actually the numpad
works correctly (with or without numlocks) but even if my name were all
digits, the doesn't work. If I have multiple resolutions
specified in XF86config, any key just goes to the next resolution, if
there is only one specified, they keyboard seems to have no effect at all.
The machine seems otherwise fine, since I can ssh in from another machine
on the local network.

Thanks for any hints or suggestions.