This is the problem:

The computer boots to runlevel 4 (my graphical login level) just fine. I
happen to use KDM (which does not matter at this point) as my display
manager for X. I am allowed to login as any user listed on the KDM panel
without a hitch. The problem is when I logout of the user, X sends control
back to KDM and then it looks like the old radeon soft reset problem. The
screen goes out (the little green light on the monitor changes to orange as
if in powersave) and the system is in a serious hang. Only the reset or
power button works.

The tricky part is this:

I have two machines that operate with X. Here are specs:

Machine 1:
ASUS A7M266D Mobo
2x Athlon MP 1800+
512 MB Reg DDR 2100
ATI AIW Radeon
--Lots of other stuff--

Machine 2:
SOYO Dragon+
AtlonXP 1800+
512 MB DDR 2100
ATI AIW Radeon
--Lots of other stuff--

Both systems operate on the Slackware 9.0 distribution of Linux.

Machine 1 does not have this problem.
Machine 2 does.

I just upgraded to Slackware 9.0 when this problem came-up, so I think it is
an X problem (4.3 now -- 4.2 before).

The kicker is that if a ctrl-alt-bkspc is done to restart the X server, the
KDM screen comes up without a problem. This is not a solution, but it
works for now.

I use the 4.3 DRM sources for the radeon.o driver on both machines (kernel
2.4.21), I have tried modularizing agpgart (just to try) without any

Also, I tried using the broken radeon driver that is in the kernel tree.
The problem didn't happen then. It sounds like another DRM problem, which
I will try to check on later. But until then, any help is appreciated.

My question is why one machine not the other? Chipsets (AMD vs VIA)?


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