D J Hawkey Jr wrote:
> In article ,
> Thomas Dickey writes:
>> In comp.windows.x Steve wrote:
>>> The only xwindows documentation I ever heard of ( beyond manpages )
>>> was a large set of out of print books by OREILLY.

> Out of print? Really?

>> The O'Reilly books are fine (except that the index for more than one
>> was incorrect). But much of the same content is in the X source tree.
>> grep works nicely on that.

> There's no way I would have gotten far programming X without the ORA
> X books. I got the "basic" five for X11R5 bundled with Quarterdecks's
> Desqview/X developer's package. You can only go so far borrowing from
> other X code, IMHO. The X source code is the content, of course, but
> it's not organized like a book.

The doc directory is though - that's what I was referring to. I do
use grep on the library and programs trees too (since documents don't
cover some stuff - iirc, the list of builtin resources isn't _that_
well-documented). The O'Reilly books are of course very good for the
graphics, and additional comments. But more than once I've found that
I can't find some information that I _know_ I've read in the books.

Thomas E. Dickey