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> "Charlie Gibbs" writes:
>> My laptop, a P133 with a C&T 65550 video chip, is stuck in virtual
>> desktop mode - 600x800 display in a 1024x1280 desktop - which I don't
>> like, but can't figure out how to change.

> This most likely means you have a 1280x1024 mode in your display
> subsection, but your laptop only supports 800x600. Try something
> like this:

Aha! I don't know why I didn't spot it before, but my Subsection
"Display" contained the following line:

Virtual 1024 768

Duh. Removing that fixed the problem. (I guess that's one of
the hazards of copying someone else's XF86Config.)

>> Plus, the ALT key doesn't work.

> This usually means you've selected the wrong keyboard model.
> Try something like this:

On further examination, it seems that the Alt key does work, at
least in some places. (Pardon me for a moment while I slap my
forehead, having realized that I've always been able to terminate
X with control-alt-backspace.) Netscape seems to respond to Alt-key
combinations - it might be that my fingers have been automatically
trying Windows combinations that don't have an X equivalent.

However, the one place where I definitely notice the Alt key
not working is in minicom. When X isn't running, I use various
Alt-key combinations with no problems, while under X the Alt key
seems to be ignored.... Wait a minute. I just tried it with
the modem hooked up and it seems to be echoing back characters
with the high-order bit set. OK, I'll just reconfigure minicom
to use control-A as the command specifier. There.

In the words of Emily Litella: "Never mind."

Thanks for the pointers to reference material. It should make
some good reading on a cold winter's night (which is about as
far as you can get from what I have right now, but what the heck).

At least that's one machine working properly. Now if I could just
get that OpenBSD box to stop thinking it has an second VGA card
lurking somewhere...

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