I've long been the proud owner of a custom German XKB keymap, where not only
the default few keys have extra symbols via AltGr, but almost all of them
(e.g. AltGr-a = æ or AltGr-, = dead cedilla). Now I've recently been forced
to use a notebook with a us(euro) keyboard. At the same time I switched from
(MS) SuSE to Kubuntu 8.04. I can keep the German external keyboard. But when
I'm on the move I want a similar comfort, plus I switched the 'y' and 'z'
keys, to at least keep word typing comfortable.

My first approach was to define a 2nd setup for the additional keyboard and
use setxkbmap -keymap to switch as needed. But even when reinstalling the
original file as had been loaded from xorg.conf, suddenly AltGr becomes an Alt
(Emacs Meta) key, and the Windows/Hyper also loses its bindings (in my window
manager setup).

So I explored and found out about groups :-) I reworked the file, adding a
second group for every key that differs. It drives me crazy. For some lousy
reason (I read something about old XKB unaware apps somewhere, which I do not
care about) turning on group 2 also locks AltGr :-( I found that some of the
keys, like ISO_Next_Group, also do something with virtualModifier= AltGr, so I
used ISO_First/Last_Group instead which does not -- no result. So I found
that compat/basic does group 2 = AltGr, which I also eliminated -- still not

HELP PLEASE: what must I do to get two equipotent (base, shift, base-AltGr,
shift-AltGr) FOUR_LEVEL(_ALPHABETIC) groups for one key?

best regards