I am working a project that has dual displays. Initially the second
display was to be read-only but now the folks want the second display to
also be capable of receiving input events from its own touchpad. Dual
display configuration is trivial but what I'm not sure about is how to
configure an Xorg X server to lock each input touchscreen to its own

Essentially two instances of the same c++ GUI will run: one on each
display. each GUI needs to have it's own dedicated input device: in this
case its own touchscreen. The GUIs will communicate and syncronize
operations thru a backend daemon process.

How can I configure the displays to own their own input device and not be
aware of the other's?

Can I simply hardcode an input device section within each display section
in the Xorg.conf file to achieve the desired results or is it more
complicated than that?

I will have to use Xorg R7.1 for compatibility with Intel binary only
display drivers.

I should also mention that the displays will be rotated to portrait mode
and hope that the independent input devices also recognize that the
displays are rotated.

The platform is i386 in a linux environment.

Anyone know how to do this or have any input regarding problems I will