I'm using Thomas Dickey's xterm Patch Revision 232 2008/01/30 on
Solaris 10 sparc (package SMCxterm).

The active icon (image of the screen is neat) as is the addition
of color. Two nits though.

1. Pasting into the new xterm window doesn't work from other other
terminal emulators, editors etc. (though it can paste into itself).

Not sure if this is relevant but I have in my XTerm defaults

XTerm*openIm: FALSE
!XTerm*preeditType: OverTheSpot,Root

2. It supposedly has a menu bar (like dtterm *just* for example), but
try as I may I cannot persuade it to appear.

Not sure if these are right but I have in my XTerm defaults:

XTerm*toolBar: TRUE
*ToolBar: TRUE
*toolBar: TRUE