I am working with an application that was originally engineered 10+
years ago. The screens contain market data information for different
currencies and credit ratings. When a currency screen is requested, the
ratings screen is opened - but not shown - and is populated with the
relevant data.

We now have a new requirement which will end up creating 500 of these
windows behind the scenes. I have all this working. My problem is that
when I close the visible currency window I also need to close the
invisible ratings window. This takes an inordinately long time. I am
grasping at straws here but is it possible am I generating huge amounts
of X traffic to the server as these hidden windows are closed? If so,
is there anything that I can do about it?

To give an example the problem, I can create and populate 500 windows
in about 8 minutes. But it takes me about the same of time to close
them too.

All of our windows are created as toplevelshells. Each shell is managed
but not made visible. I am pretty sure that mappedwhenmanaged is true.

I'd appreciate any help. If I am not expressing myself well or if the
question is not phrased intelligently, please ask me a question and I'll
get you the information that you need to help me.



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