Hi everybody, I have a problem with a Motif/X11 application in a
CentOS linux distribution:

for some reason, after I've executed it and killed it several times,
the next time I launch it, it does not seem to accept accelerators any
for example, the application has a menu bar with a pulldown menu where
there is a push button that - if pressed - causes a dialog to be
shown...The push button has an associated the accelerator
"AltF1". At some point the accelerator doesn't work any more.

The strange thing is that, if from the Gnome panel I change the
keyboard shortcuts in such a way that "AltF1" causes the Gnome
Applications pulldown menu to pulldown, then if I press "AltF1"
the Gnome Applications pulldown menu actually pulls down; it seems
that it's my application that is no longer sensible to accelerators...

Have you got any suggestion? I've heard about KNEE, that is a tool for
testin X applications...Can it be of any help?