Hi all,
Is there anyone who implemented spanning the display across
two monitors with this condition?
1. One monitor is connected in VGA
2. Another monitor is connected in network

I know that this can be possible for following conditions

1. Single card with dual head
2. Two different graphics cards in single cpu
3. Two computers conncted in network by Xdmx

I have few ideas for implementing this. Am i exploring in the right

My ideas are based on the assumption that Extending the display by X
Server is independent of hardware because X server is the who draws
everything.(Xinerama extension is not loading if there is no dual head

1. Writing virtual driver to tell the X window system that i have two
vga heads
2. Faking xinerama that two displays are available.

I am new to linux as well as X window system. Where i had to explore
further to achieve my objective.

Any other innovative ideas?