I am trying to use XmbDrawImageString to put UTF-8 text from a X11
client program.
I need to use a font of fixed width.

I would like to put the single character 'oe', Unicode 0153, UTF8
encoded by 'e5 93'.

If I create a fontset based on "-*-*-*-R-Normal--14-130-75-75-*-*",
XmbDrawImageString displays a 'oe' but with a width around twice the
width of a single character.
If I create a fontset based on a known fixed-width font, like
iso10646-1", XmbDrawImageString display two characters ')' and '+'.

Is it possible to obtain what I want only at pure X11 level?
Which font shall I use? Or shall I use other operations?

Thank's in advance.