I am trying to get Carmen Sandiego Math Detective (CSMD) working under
WINE for my kids. The game installs fine, but insists on running in
256 color mode. I created a 256 color environment in Xephyr using:

Xephyr -ac -screen 800x600x8 :1

And then started CSMD using:


The game starts, sound is working fine, but the colors are all wrong.
Mostly too many are black. I changed to various color classes using
the -cc option. The following command worked the best:

Xephyr -ac -screen 800x600x8 -cc 2 :1

However, it is clear that the color table used is still the wrong one.
Is there a way create a custom 256 color table by hand for X11? And
how would I load that into Xephyr?


For WineApp description see: