Jarno Suni writes:

> I can't think of situation where you need a window to be partially
> visible, but that kind of situation is easy to run into when you
> move or resize windows by dragging.

i can speculate that you dont know of an option combination like
- focus follows mouse
- no autoraise

i find this pattern: main window on top, secondary windows partially
visible, focus follow mouse a true lifesafer that i use for myself
and here reccomend to expert users

for example, you can type in a partially visible window without having
to lose your visual into the main application window, from which you
can, e.g., copy text with the mouse and paste it into the partially
visible window without changing the windows' configuration

conceded: if you use a new generation window manager (one of those
patterned after mac os x) it may be really difficult to convince your
wm to do as you want

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