Good morning, I have Ubuntu 7.04 installed on a partiton on my laptop,
bare metal (non virtualized). Since I'm creating a virtual applicance
for P2P in VMware Workstation, I tried to do things the smart way, and
instead of installing Ubuntu from scratches into this VM, I made an
image of the partition, restored into the hard disk of the VM (a .vmdk
file), and changed the file /boot/grub/menu.lst to make grub work
without errors...So far everything was almost fine: the system booted
into the VM, but gave error the moment it tried to start the X server.
This was obvious because in the non-virtualized Ubuntu, the xorg.conf
file was configured to use my ATI Radeon X700, while inside the VM, it
must be configured to use the VMware SVGA adapter. To do this easily,
I copied the xorg.conf file generated when Ubuntu boots from the Live
CD. After this, the system was able to boot into XDM, and presented me
the graphical login screen. At this point, when I tried to login into
my account, it started the boot of Gnome. came until the 3rd point,
when he lauches 'Nautilus', but suddendly rebooted X, and I was stuck
with the login screen.
I also tried to create a new user from the command line, and enter
into Gnome from it, to try to fix the other 'main' account, but the
problem presents itself also on this new account (which should have
'clean' files into its home directory, taken from /etc/skel).
What could be the problem?
Thanks a lot