In comp.os.linux.x Ignoramus15242 wrote:
| I have a Acer 9300 laptop. It runs ubuntu Hardy just fine. Today I
| tried installing NVidia proprietary driver to run compiz.
| Then I realized that closing and opening the lid locks up the screen.
| The OS itself is fine and I can ssh to the laptop and do whatever I
| want. It is up and running. However, screen is locked up and is 100%
| unresponsive to keyboard, including Ctrl-Alt-F1, Ctrl-Alt-Backspace.
| Same thing happens if "blank screen" is activated due to idle time.
| Removing NVidia driver stopped this from happening and things (sans
| compiz) work fine. I do not really miss Compiz that much, but I am
| curious to know whether these NVidia proprietary drivers are buggy and
| how come there are no full powered GPL drivers. What's the story?
| If I recall correctly, for Windows Vista, also, NVidia drivers account
| for 27% of system lockups.
| Any relevant experiences?

Apparently none in the NVidia driver development department.

You should call NVidia and ask to speak to a responsible executive of the
company. Of course, you won't get to. Be polite and courteous. Thank the
person who answered the phone for their help. Then call back again the very
next day at exactly the same time and do exactly the same thing. Repeat this
every day, being sure to be polite and courteous, and never vary. Eventually
they will begin to recognize that you are a repeat caller who is persistent.
Hopefully they will also recognize that you are non-threatening. They may
ask you to stop calling. If that happens, stop calling, and post the fact
on as many places, including here and Slashdot, as you can. You may get
lucky and they may decide it is better to let you speak to someone who can
do more than the people who answer phones. Then you can inform them that
the free open source software community has a track record of developing
more reliable drivers than NVidia has, and that NVidia should release the
interfacing specifications about their hardware so that the community can
(and will) do that development even better, supporting more features of
their hardware, and voiding the market advantage ATI has in the open source
user world. Then add that if they feel their interface is too proprietary
to release it, they should at least offer to hire a couple dozen developers
that now work in the open source community, to do that development in house
as a work for hire, and keep them on staff to continuouly provide support
and develop for new products.

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