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|> On Tue, 29 Jan 2008 16:53:37 -0000 Warren Block wrote:
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|>|> On Mon, 28 Jan 2008 15:53:21 -0000 Warren Block wrote:
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|>|>|> My previous Slackware 11.0 has Xorg version 6.9.0. I can see from the x.org
|>|>|> web site the latest version is 7.3 and 7.4 is coming. I upgraded Slackware
|>|>|> to version 12.0 and it seems Xorg now reports version 1.3.0 instead of an
|>|>|> expected value in the 6.9 to 7.4 range. Anyone know WTF is that?
|>|>| It's the version of xorg-server. According to
|>|>| http://xorg.freedesktop.org/wiki/Releases/7.3
|>|>| xorg-server 1.4 goes with Xorg 7.3. So you have 7.2.
|>|> So why does it not just say I have 7.2? Or why doesn't the web site say
|>|> that 1.4 is the current version?
|>| Because xorg isn't a single package with a version number any more, it's
|>| now a collection of modules, each with its own version number.
|> That's not what the main web page implies by giving only ONE version number
|> as being the current version.
| The Slackware web page says it's version 12.0, but that doesn't imply
| that it comes with Xorg 12.0.

Xorg has a separate website apart from Slackware. Does the X server now
have its own website and project apart from Xorg?

|>| As for finding out which overall version of Xorg you have, the easiest
|>| way may be the package manager.
| By "package manager", I mean any of the various programs used by Unix
| systems to keep track of installed packages. Things like rpm or dpkg or
| such. A package name will usually have a version number for the overall
| package, like "xorg-7.3".

In Slackware, the package version is part of the name. Slackware uses a
KISS-like packaging system to keep things simple.

|> If you can provide to me the relationship of the new/development
|> release, current release, and most recent past release, AND all
|> version numbers of modules/components thereof, I could show you how I
|> feel the web site should describe it.
| You seem to have the impression that the Xorg project or website is
| under my control, which is not the case.

I did not mean to imply that. But I could still show you and it would give
you a quite accurate view of what I am thinking. I believe that would make
it obvious there is something missing from the web site that could be easily
added. Maybe you'd them come over to my camp.

| It would be more productive to send your suggestions directly to the
| Xorg people.

If I knew who they were, maybe I would. I'm only arguing the what Xorg is
doing is wrong/bad because it seems the responses I am getting suggest that
it is right/good. Otherwise, I just want to clearly understand what the
version relationships are. If someone knew, they could tell this and then
the Xorg webmaster would not need to put this important info on their site.

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