Hi, I've been hand-rolling Xfree86/xorg modes for years, in the interest
of reducing the dot clock (slower -> less heat from the video card).
I've always been successsful in the past, but then again I've always had
CRTs in the past (or recently, DVI-connected LCDs). They're either more
tolerant of things, or they give good feedback as to what needs to be moved
which way (if you know how to read them). Now, I have two monitors
(both LCD, L by DVI and R by VGA), and the mode for the R monitor is
giving me fits. Currently I have:

mode "my_1600x1200"
dotclock 150
htimings 1600 1712 1776 1968
vtimings 12lo0 1200 1203 1250

I started with what's at the end of /usr/share/hwdata/CardMonitorCombos.
But it never looked correct (too far right, out of adjustment range),
so I didn't hurt much by messing it up. The image is too wide.
(There's no width control on the monitor.) Offset too, but correctably
so. Originally, on this system I had one monitor (this one), connected
by DVI. The dotclock was 120 then. I'd like to get it back down there.
What needs to change? Thanks.

Also, do Xinerama and Twinview have the same performance? If so, I'd
rather use Xinerama as it's not Nvidia-proprietary. If I should change
GPU brands in the future, Twinview won't be available. My Xinerama
setup is hosed... (http://royalty.mine.nu:81/xorg.conf.gz). Is
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo a decent resource?

-eben QebWenE01R@vTerYizUonI.nOetP royalty.mine.nu:81

Drive nail here > < for new monitor.