Hi all,

i'm running debian amd64 unstable machine. i connect to the machine
through ssh and forward x11 most of the time. recently i installed
tightvnc and have one or two displays running.
when i'm at work, i tunnel vnc through ssh and connect to my machine
as localhost:1.

if the ssh client (it can be either putty or ssh client) has the x11
turned on and i connect to my machine either through the tunnel(if i'm
at work) or if i'm at home connect directly to the machine through the
vnc, i get this error message

Xlib: connection to ":1.0" refused by server
Xlib: client is not authorized to connect to Server

i can start any gui application in the vnc server after i delete
~/.Xauthority file

why this conflict.
is it not supposed to work. with different .Xauthority file i cannot
work in the vnc.