I've written some utilities to convert GNU Unifont .hex files for X
Windows to and from bitmapped graphics files for easy editing with a
graphics editor. The bitmaps display 256 code points at a time in a
16 by 16 grid. This makes it easy to copy and paste one cell into
another to fill in gaps (for example, to add diacritical marks to base

I've also added over 100 new glyphs to provide complete coverage of
the Unicode 5.0 Standard for the range U+0000 through U+5FFF. The new
glyphs were largely created by copying, pasting, and modifying
existing glyphs.

I wrote the utilities in C using the cygwin package on a Windows XP
computer, but they should run under Linux and just about any other
flavor of Unix.

The utilities and font additions are available for free under the GNU
GPL, at http://www.unifoundry.com.

Paul Hardy