Hi all,

I had noticed very strange behaviour while trying to get the x,y coor.
of a created window.
I use the standard XCreateSimpleWindow(...) library call to create my
window - right after I create it - I "Map" it using XMapWindow().
Now, all I want is to query the created window's initial x,y coor. -
and for this I use XTranslateCoordinates(). For some reason sometimes
the x,y coor. I receive differ from the window's actual position.

Also, after creating the window and querying its initial location I
subscirbe to its events - I had noticed that sometimes the window
receives a non-interactive initial move event (which I don't always
catch) - that changes its original initial location.

To make it short: after the window is created I wait on its events
with XNextEvent() and sometimes I get the event of the correct window
location and sometime I dont get it (the location I get is in the left
corner of the screen and not in the updated location of the window)

How can I be sure the coor. I receive are the correct ones?
Any suggestion? Did I miss something?

Please help.
Thanks in advance.