I'm building X.org's X Window with xserver 1.4 and Mesa 7.0.1, using
DRM/DRI as well as xcb. After it was built, I keep getting a crash/hard
lock-up when I exit out of X, or sometimes switch VT's. The monitor goes
black like it lost the signal (as similar to pulling the plug out of it)
and the keyboard goes dead. Not even sysrq-alt will respond, and the only
thing to do is turn off the machine, then turn it back on to get control
back. This results in alot of fsck'ing the filesystem and even throws the
clock off sometimes. It seems to be this issue:

root pts/0 :0.0 Thu Oct 11 17:38 - crash (00:11)
root tty1 Thu Oct 11 17:19 - crash (00:30)
root tty1 Wed Oct 10 14:43 - crash (06:02)
root pts/0 :0.0 Wed Oct 10 16:45 - crash (-2:-3)
root tty1 Wed Oct 10 16:45 - crash (-2:-2)

The last part of the log never gets to get written, but something seems
wrong from what I can see:

(EE) intel(0): detecting sil164
(EE) intel(0): Unable to read from DVOI2C_E Slave 112.
(EE) intel(0): Unable to read from DVOI2C_E Slave 236.
(EE) intel(0): ivch: Unable to read register 0x00 from DVOI2C_B:04.
(EE) intel(0): Unable to read from DVOI2C_E Slave 112.
(EE) intel(0): tfp410 not detected got VID FFFFFFFF: from DVOI2C_E Slave 112.

(EE) intel(0): I830 Vblank Pipe Setup Failed 0
(EE) intel(0): I830 Vblank Pipe Setup Failed 0

There's alot on Google about it, mostly links to people wondering why
their machines are crashing, but no fixes I can see beyond what I finally
resorted to, going back to the old (real) i810 intel driver. The new intel
driver is called 'intel' and sym-links to 'i810'. Supposedly it is better,
and can handle more chipsets, but I'm having no luck with it. I tried
using the framebuffer and vesa drivers, but OpenGL is dog-slow on these
without DRI. After fighting with this for about a week, I went tried to
rebuild/reuse the old driver. Since then, I removed the modelines and used

Section "Device"
Identifier "Intel"
Driver "i810"
Option "DRI" "true"
Option "XVideo" "true"
Option "DDC" "true"


Section "Screen"
Identifier "Intel.Screen"
Device "Intel"
Monitor "MAG Innovision"

which oddly enough gave the best resolution that I've seen on this
machine. Yesterday (Oct. 12th), I tried to build the git current intel
driver from freedesktop.org, but the code I got actually seemed older than
the released xf86-video-intel-2.1.1 I got off of the x.org ftp (the git
version looked like 2.1.0). Intel's site for linux graphis only has a
pointer to the git repo, which I tried alrady. I did see this, but it
looks highly Debian/Ubuntu-specific while I'm not using a distro:


Is there a public fix for this driver, or patch against vanilla 2.1.1 so
that I can use the new driver?