I have a lcd A4 monitor and a ATI FireGL V3100 card with 128Mb RAM and
would like to run the graphics in portrait mode rather than landscape?

I deal with some pretty nasty source code quite extensively and the extra
real estate provided by twisting the monitor in to portrait mode would be

I have a colleague with an identical computer, monitor and graphics card
running windows XP that can set his combination to portrait mode from
within the driver's control gui, making me very jealous.

Although I beleieve this has every thing to do with setting up X windows,
the spec of the rest of my systems is

Pentium IV HT
4Gb Ram
300 Gb hd
SUSE 9.1 Professional
KDE 3.2

I made an attempt to set this up and lets just say that it turned out to
be a very bad dogs dinner :-(

Has anyone done soemthing similar to this that can advise me how to do

Any help will be greatly appreciated,