Hi NG!

I have the following problem: I'm using a very special application for
network-management-purposes with runs on HP-UX. The common way to use
this software is to connect to the server and to start the application
with a X-redirection to the local terminal. The vendor recommends (and
only supports) this way using MS-Windows in combination with Hummingbird
Exceed 8 (or higher). This works very fine. To save money I tested to
use the program with Linux (SuSE, all recent versions) with the
following effect: The program starts but most of the visual elements are
drawn too small. Only the Menubar of the toolwindow is visualized correctly.

Any ideas what I can do to correct this behavior? Are there
possibilities to change parameters of the X-Server? I didn't have any
backgroundknowledge of how the X-Protocol internaly works.

Many thanks in advance!

Ralph Mauersberger

p.s.: Other redirected programs (even from the same vendor!) are
visualized correctly on the used Linux-Clients.