for - I think - one year or even longer I search for a possibility to have
an polytonic greek and hebrew (with vocals) keyboard on Linux.
I use KDE 3.3 (SUSE 9.2) and there I use Kxkb to switch between keaboard -

I already realized to change the german layout in this way, that I can write
Polish characters, too.

Is there a way to create new "links" (in file:/usr/X11/include/X11/keysym.h)
in this way, that I can use Unicode characters? Or is this the wrong file in
this case?

And what should I do after editing this file? Compiling the X-Server again?

I use Linux now for more than 2 1/2 years, but this is too complicated for

Thank You for every help You will give to me


P.S. Perhaps I should add, that I use thessalonica to write greek in OOo,
but I want Unicode Greek / Hebrew native on Linux, not only using a special

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