I am trying to add some European key symbols to a Japanese keyboard, with
no luck.

Here's a snippet of my definition (I'd post the whole thing, but I don't
know how the group feels about long postings):

key { [ Zenkaku_Hankaku, Kanji], [Zenkaku_Hankaku, Kanji], [semicolon, dead_abovering]};
key { [ 1, exclam], [ kana_NU ], [plus, 1]};
key { [ 2, quotedbl], [ kana_FU ], [ecaron, 2]};
key { [ 3, numbersign], [ kana_A, kana_a], [scaron, 3]};
key { [ 4, dollar], [ kana_U, kana_u], [ccaron, 4]};
key { [ 5, percent], [ kana_E, kana_e], [rcaron, 5]};
key { [ 6, ampersand], [ kana_O, kana_o], [zcaron, 6]};
key { [ 7, apostrophe], [ kana_YA, kana_ya], [yacute, 7]};
key { [ 8, parenleft], [ kana_YU, kana_yu], [aacute, 8]};
key { [ 9, parenright], [ kana_YO, kana_yo], [iacute, 9]};
key { [ 0, asciitilde], [ kana_WA, kana_WO], [eacute, 0]};

setxkbmap refuses to load this keyboard... I had this working at one
time, but an ill-conceived upgrade wiped it out...

What I want is to be able to switch between ASCII, kana, and Czech symbols
by using some key combination. It used to work with RALT+LALT scrolling
through the three keboards available....

ISTR to recall some little tweak I had to make to the file to get it to
work, but I can't recall what it was.....

Any guidance, docs, etc on this? I am completely stumped, and I know I'm
missing something very basic....

[yan@poseidon symbols]$/usr/X11R6/bin/setxkbmap -rules xfree86 -model
jp106 -layout "jpcz" -option "grp:alts_toggle" -option "grp_led:scroll" -verbose
Warning! Multiple definitions of
rules file
Using command line, ignoring X server
Warning! Multiple definitions of keyboard model
Using command line, ignoring X server
Warning! Multiple definitions of keyboard layout
Using command line, ignoring X server
Trying to build keymap using the following components: keycodes:
types: complete
compat: complete+leds(scroll)
pc/pc(pc105)+pc/jpcz+group(alts_toggle)+group(alt_shift_toggle) geometry:
Error loading new keyboard description