If you want to keep the install minimal - make sure your you set dselect to
only autoinstall "requires" dependencies (not "recommends" and "suggests") -
I switched to aptitude long ago, so I don't remember what's default setting
there (I'm not sure if this is at all possible - maybe you need to skip the
"select" stage? If that's the case - you better use apt).

You do need the libs for compiling (otherwise you won't be able to link your
binary - linker would not be able to get the soname, and check if you have
missing names).

It's probably even a good idea even to have basic client-side X apps, like
xterm and stuff - but it's probably not necessary.
What you don't want to have is the SERVER (the server is the thing that does
the actual graphic display. You can have x applications installed, and only
run them on remote displays).
I think "recommends" dependencies on gtk/xlib -dev packages should never
get you to X server. However, "suggets" deps might indeed do that.

"Mark Hobley" wrote in message
> I have a computer on my network which I will be using to compile and build
> software packages. It does not have X installed, since it is accessed via

> telnet session.
> I want to install the GTK libraries so that I can compile an "Hello World"
> program that will be copied to another computer for execution.
> Using dselect on the build machine, I select the component:
> libgtk2.0-dev (opt, libdevel)
> dselect wants to install X infrastructure components on my computer.
> For example:
> dselect wants to install
> x-utils,x-ttcidfont-conf,fontconfig,deforma,ucf,xfree86common and loads of
> other stuff.
> Is there a mistake in the dependency tree somewhere?
> All I want to do is compile against the libraries. I don't want X

> or infrastructure on the machine.
> How do I install just the libraries and headers that are required for
> compilation?
> Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
> Regards,
> Mark.
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