By the way, I posted a message just over a month ago (Sep 12) asking
why when I tried to use the "daymap" portion of Aaron Hightower's x10-amh
utility, it displayed as not being on the days I had programmed. I have
noticed exactly where the bug is, and it isn't exactly where I thought it
was. (As of then, I hadn't actually left the entries in the CP-290
memory, and tested them.)

While the display IS NOT correct, it IS correct in the CP-290 memory.
If I try to program a device to come on on weekdays at 3:40 and weekends
at 5:00 (using "daymap 1,2,3,4,5" and "daymap 6,7"), it displays
(with an x10-amh -l as "daymap 3,4,5,6,7" and "daymap 1,2".
HOWEVER, it IS correct in the CP-290 memory. (The device comes on at 3:40
on weekdays and 5:00 on weekends.)

So, until I or someone else has a chance to fix it, this is a much
"lesser" bug than I thought, at first! :-) It's only when the x10-amh is
displaying what is in the CP-290 memory when using the "-l" option.
However, the CP-290 DOES do what I was trying to program it to do.

Just a delayed follow-up to something else I have learned regarding
that old message I posted! :-)

Just FYI.

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