I've come up with an xmodmap-based solution to my problem after reading
the man page from Jamie Zawinski's xkeycaps program. (Why isn't this
stuff documented in a more accessible place?)

xmodmap -e 'keycode 113 = Mode_switch' \
-e 'keycode 38 = a A aacute Aacute' \
-e 'keycode 26 = e E eacute Eacute' \
-e 'keycode 31 = i I iacute Iacute' \
-e 'keycode 32 = o O oacute Oacute' \
-e 'keycode 30 = u U uacute Uacute' \
-e 'keycode 57 = n N ntilde Ntilde' \
-e 'keycode 10 = 1 exclam exclamdown exclamdown' \
-e 'keycode 61 = slash question questiondown questiondown'

This maps my right Alt key to Mode_switch and then creates the
Mode_switched-based combinations for the Spanish characters I need.
It's quite simple, and I'm very frustrated that it took me more than
two weeks to stumble on the documentation I needed to to this.

That said, what is the best way to have this command executed every time
I start the X server or log on?

* Can the above xmodmap commands be "translated" to xkb options that
can be included directly in xorg.conf?

* If not, is there a script I can create in my home directory that
traditionally gets executed when a user starts an X session via
startx, xdm, gdm, etc.?


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