I have a notebook having on board graphics, the video memory being used is
32M. I am running mandrake 10.1 and kernel, xorg 6.7.0-3mdk.
The notebook is HP dv1040US with centrino.

When I run glxinfo from command line, it displays a message about the
display (:0.0) and that it is loading the libGL.so.1.2 library and just
stays there.

The /var/log/X...log file shows that DRI is enabled. The XFree-DRI extension
is enabled as well as GLX extension but 3D h/w accel is not available. I
also noticed that the Option AGPMode line is ignored.

I have verified (using lsmod) that the driver being used is 'i810' and that
the AGP and the gart modules are loaded.