Hi all,

I am running the current CVS version of xfce under FC2 on a Dell 5150
laptop, which has a 15 inch 1600x1200 internal display. The internal
video card is a NVidia GeForce FX Go 5200 64 mb board and I am using the
NVidia driver.

I just began playing around with running dual monitors (the internal lcd
panel plus a second lcd panel connected to the external rgb connector port).

I have edited my xorg.conf to enable either a 'clone' mode or a Xinerama
based mode to test both separately. I am not using the NVidia TwinView

The second lcd display is running at 1280x1024 and the default
application font size, which I have set for the 1600x1200 panel, is
rather large on the lower resolution panel.

Is there any way to specify the font size on the second display,
independent of the first, in either of the dual display modes?

Thanks for any replies.