Hi all,

I am using blackbox as my window manager (with XFree86 4.4/XDarwin on
MacOS-X 10.3, but that should not really matter). I'm typically using
three workspaces, one with local programs, one with remotely running
programs, and one for monitoring experiments on a third cluster of

All of them have a large Gnu Emacs Window on the left and some xterms
all over the screen... The only indicatior of which workspace is
active is a small, half hidden text in my very small tool bar. I
sometimes get confused ;-)

I'd like to be able to use a different colour scheme on each of the
workspaces. I checked Google, but did not find anything particularly
useful (though thousands of sites offering thousands of styles...).

Does anybody have an idea of how to achieve my goal? Just having
different backgrounds would solve the practical problem, but
completely independent colour schemes would be much cooler.



P.S.: Follow-up to comp.windows.x only. Alternatively, non-SPAM,
on-topic email welcome. I'll summarize.

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