Using RedHat 9, the default GUI runs on vt07/display 0. I can start a
second X client on vt08/display 1 to a remote box by running something
like this:

X :1 vt08 -query hostname

This works, but only kind of. When you first type this command, you
get a blank screen and nothing happens. I left it for 20 minutes once
and nothing happened. However, if you start playing with
Ctrl-Alt-Function keys, the screen will flicker and then the X session
to the remote box will complete and then all works fine. It's random
which keys trigger the connection. Sometimes it's F1, F4, F7, F8 but
usually I have to hit more than one.

Anyone have any idea how to get a second remote X session to start
without fiddling with a bunch of Ctrl-Alt-FX keystrokes?