Hello reader,

after a few units of time searching for hints which card is the best
supported card in regard to rotate the x screen (pivot), I did not find
any useful information.
Currently I own a matrox G550 with poorly rotation support. Using the
rotate option in XF86config, I only gain unaccelerated modes (btw only
CW works for me, CCW results in x crashing). Querying the xrandr
functionality tells me that only "normal" mode is available, which means
no rotation at all.
Because of these facts plus matrox being very conservative in driver
releases, I am willing to buy a new graphics card.
I want to ask the reading experts if there is a card, that has these
desirable features:

- hw-accelerated rotation (minimum 2d-acceleration)
- xrandr rotation support with xfree4.3
- dvi port
- no fan->no noise
- manufactor that releases new drivers more often than once in 2 years
like matrox did for g550

If you know a card with these features, please let me know. If you know
a card with these features and doom3 sufficient 3d power, I would be
even more happy.

Or does anyone know that the xrandr developers are planning to support
the matrox g550 with hardware accelerated 2d in near future? Is there
any card working with xrandr support at all?

Thank you in advance, greetings from Oldenburg, Germany

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