Dear friends,

Somewhere I heard that XFree86 source can be compiled with uclibc. I
am using XFree86-4.2.0 and uclibc-0.9.19

I successfuly compiled Kdrive(TinyX) Server using uclibc by defining
CrossCompiling YES and modifying cross.def.

Now, I want to compile and link Xfree86 Server with ati driver only
with uclibc.

I don't want to compile with native gcc, I request your help in
specifying working host.def and cross.def for generating XServer

Most of the times I am encountering Makefile.proto error (indicating
an error in host.def file)


Is there any method exists to compile and link XFree86 with
uclibc(with out disturbing native gcc) and with out using Cross.def

Please help me.

yours truly,