I had to replace my beloved nVidea card with a new ATI Radeon 9200 (My
hardware dealer choosed this card and at that time, I didn't

I downloaded and installed the ATI drivers, run fglrxconfig and
started X11 (KDE 3.2). X11 started, but all fonts (including the one
on the splash screen of KDE indicating what's happening now) are
merely 2pt high... All one could see was a small line with some extra
points above it. And the rest of KDE looked alike - rather useless.
After reinstalling X11, all the fonts and the ATI drivers, I got to
the point, where the fonts were displaying at about 5pt which was
enough to enter the KDE config dialog and set the overall font size to
80pt (sic!) which resulted in readable fonts for most of the
applications at last.

First question: Anyone got an idea what might be the reason for this?
I mean: 80pt... That's absurd

After that, almost all applications run fine again, even gimp - the
two remaining unuseable where thunderbird and firefox. The content in
firfox is handled well (fonts ok), but the menubar and all dialogboxes
are written in the famous 2pt font - this goes for the whole of
thunderbird, too.

Second question: It didn't seem to be a gtk problem, as gimp works
fine. What could I do to change the fonts for the menubar/menu
entries/etc. in thunderbird and firefox?

Third question: I'm not yet impressed about the performance of the
Radeon 9200, but that might have something to do with the server
rendering 80pt fonts. Or?

Thanks for your patience and your help,