Could someone help me out please?

I can't calibrate touch no matter which MinXY,MaxXY values I set in

At the right lower corner cursor is off by more than inch.

Not sure if that matters, I've noticed in XFree86.0.log:

(II) i810(0): Increasing the scanline pitch to allow tiling mode (800->1024)

(--) i810(0): Virtual size is 800x600 (pitch 1024)

An here's debug from elographics_drv.o when I touched four corners:

EloConvert: v0(41), v1(4030)

EloConvert: x(3), y(6)

TouchScreen: x(41), y(4030)

EloConvert: v0(3832), v1(4030)

EloConvert: x(962), y(6)


TouchScreen: x(3832), y(4030)

EloConvert: v0(0), v1(127)

EloConvert: x(-7), y(730)


TouchScreen: x(0), y(127)

EloConvert: v0(3832), v1(154)

EloConvert: x(962), y(725)

^^^ ^^^

TouchScreen: x(3832), y(154)

Note, x/y exceed 800x600 resolution values

Could it be that elographics_drv.o gets wrong resolution to convert to
because of this pitch increase?

And if so how to fix it?