Micha³ Kosmulski wrote in message ...
>> I don't know about Fedora, but on Debian I accidently clicked on an

>> app and it wiped out my KDE desktop configs for user. Spent an hour

>> it 're-configured'.

>Wow ! What was that app ?

I don't know, since I didn't intend to run that app anyway. I promptly
started removing all Gnome stuff (I prefer KDE. Found a new toy in
All I do know is that it took out kdm and replaced it with gdm (without
Lessons learned:
1 - don't use 'tasksel' to install the desktop, unless you really do want
to use both KDE and Gnome.
2 - Once you have the desktop set up the way you like it, back-up all the
config and settings files. (I wrote a very simple-minded bash script to
handle the task).

I've had other people say this should not have happened, but it did, and
just thought I'd warn people so they could *back-up* BEFORE trying it.
To an 'nix expert, it's no big deal. But, to us newbies, it's a
["Oh gad, guess I'll have to partition and re-install the whole system

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