I've got trouble with my wireless notebook adapter card: it won't activate
because the system won't connect the driver.

Three weeks ago I installed a Belkin wireless card and it worked perfectly
until about a week ago. Then it just stopped. Thinking that it was a broken
card, I replaced it with the Linksys Wireless G (WPC54G ver 3.1).

Still the same problem, though. I run the software and it shows no network.
After reloading it several times, downloading the driver several more times
(from both the CD and the Linksys website -- when I download it from the CD,
Windows tells me the driver is already there), I found in the device manager
that Window does in fact see the card, but lists it in "other devices" with
the yellow exclamation point next to it.

I went into the registry, got rid of everything that says "Linksys," but
still no luck. So after being on the phone for hours with much of North
America's tech support community, I've determined that there is something
preventing XP from acknowledging that the card is a notebook adapter and
activating its function.

But what?

I'd appreciate any help.