We have implemented a Wireless solution at one of our customers that is
built on, "Securing Wireless LANs with PEAP and Passwords"

This solution is working really all fine at the moment when we use Microsoft
Windows enabled devices. But since the customer also have a mixed network
environment containing most of the part of Mac OS X computers and these
authenticates to the AD (User Authentication Module (UAM)) when working with
smb shares, we also want them to connect to our Wireless LAN that we have
built upon the Windows 2003 server platform. How can we add the Mac OS users
to be able to authenticate their Wi-Fi enabled computers through our secured
WLAN and IAS/Radius authentication?

Should we perhaps export/import the used certificates to these devices and
then configure their Wi-Fi devices for radius authentication?

Any recommendations of user guidelines etc when it comes to this kind of
mixed environment mac/Windows is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.