Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, experts, and wannabees as myself ..I
learn a great deal from all,

I've been using a D-link wireless router WBR-2310 with very good results.
First time I've gone wireless and use it with a WUS-2340?? Usb NIC or
(dongle). At any rate , it works well.

Not be be content to leave well enough alone, If I were to re-nstall this
wireless setup on a virgin install of XP home. What whould be the
*preferred method on install wireless capability here. Use the CD wizard
from the manufacturer, of WZC to to the work. I can't really tell which is
better. and *after the install, **then** add the additional little apps. we
all like to pupulate our machines with.Get WI-FI- working first, and then
load down our machines with even the most judiciously selected sludge---or
doesn't it really matter.

PS, on a side note, I like all the windoes addon's just not the junk,
malware, ad infinitum.

Many thanks for all your haelp. I reall don't want the the fiasco I endured
previously with installing this.

On the original XP pro install, I used a combination of both--prolly a *big
* mistake I don't want to duplicate.

All of you ladies and gentlemen have given me a wealth of wireless info.,
and I doubt I could have got this started with out you

P.S. I've been running WPA2, and thank you for that also.


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