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> > Thanks, That should do it. Also, it set it uo with WEP. How do I know
> > it my new dell laptop has WAP capabilities and would it be hard to
> > convert now that it is set up with WEP.

> If your new Dell is actually new (not just new to you) it probably does
> support WPA. If not, you will need to upgrade your wireless network
> adapters to support WPA by obtaining a WPA update from your wireless
> network adapter vendor (Dell) and update the wireless network adapter
> driver. You should be able to find out from the "Specifications" (Specs)
> section of the documentation for your Dell laptop, or at the Dell Web
> site: www.dell.com.
> The real question is whether your access point (AP) supports WPA. If
> not, then you will need to get a firmware update for the AP from your AP
> manufacturer, if available. If a firmware update for the AP is not
> available, you will not be able to use WPA without replacing your AP.
> Once you have determined that all of your computer equipment supports
> WPA, the process of converting from WEP to WPA is quite simple. Just run
> the wizard again.
> On the second screen, select "Set up a new wireless network."
> At the bottom of the third screen be sure to select the checkbox
> labeled:
> "Use WPA encryption instead of WEP (WPA is stronger than WEP but not all
> devices are compatible with WPA)"
> Then go through the configuration steps outlined before.
> Good luck
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