It's really irritating and it happens like clockwork. Whenever i goto
use Windows Media Player or Flash or any other bandwidth intensive
application (viewing videos in IE or in a separate browser) the wireless
connectivity dies (consequently Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger
disconnects, can't ping, can't check e-mail, etc). So I have to shut down
what i was watching and then wait for a couple minutes and everything will
eventually come back online. I have applied all the firmware updates, I.EEE
is already disabled on my wireless adapter. All the windows updates have
been applied. This problem doesn't occur when I run through a RJ45.

Has anyone else had this problem? This has only affected me for the last
month or so. Before it would drop for no reason, at least now it's
consistently up except when i'm watching video (on the internet).

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks - Zack