The network has two wireless laptops with a Linksys router connected by
ethernet cable to a Dell 1700n laser printer. One laptop runs XP Pro, the
other XP Home. The system ran well until recently. Recent changes are that
I added Spysweeper to both computers and the XP Home machine was rebuilt.

Now, XP Pro works fine, can see the other machine's files and print. The XP
Home machine can see the other machine's files but not the printer. I can
only print using Pro's shared printer, but if Pro is asleep, can't print. I
can ping the IP address of the the printer. When I try to Add a Printer, I
can't browse to it and I can't direct the network to the IP address or the
port address that PRO uses.

I have bounced the system several times. I have run the Home Network Wizard
8 times. One new problem is that when I run the Wizard, it forces a Network
Bridge with disrupts connectivity to the access point until I delete it.
Please help.