Hi all,
I have an HP Desktop (M7900Y running MCE Rollup 2, all up to date), an HP
Laptop (MCE also), an XBox 360, and an older HP Extender. The desktop
connects to a WRT54G router via cable, and the other devices connect
wirelessly. As of this past Friday at around 7:00 PM they were all working
fine (my wife watched a recorded TV Show via the 360 and I was on the
laptop). At 9:00 PM, nothing could connect wirelessly, my wireless connection
simply vanished, and none of the devices could detect it. My assumption was
that the router's wireless functionality simply broke and I did go buy a new
router (WRT350N). Since then, the laptop and old extender can see the new
router, but after making so many changes I can't keep track of them all, I'm
still not connecting wirelessly (I've wired the 360, so it's not an immediate
concern), but I'm sure this is simply a matter of proper configuration to be
able to connect wirelessly. My question is - could some update (to the OS or
One Care) have caused this? (In case you haven't guessed, the 'Sunspots and
Aliens' part wasn't too serious). I'm simply looking for opinions on what
could have caused this... Thanks in advance...