I've got a home wireless network using a new Belkin 4-port router and Belkin
network adapters, with WPA security enabled. Firmware on the router and the
cards is up to date. One of my computers is running XP Home SP2, with two
user accounts - both of which are 'administrator' accounts.

On one account, I have wireless connectivity all the time, no problems; on
the other, wireless connectivity drops out occasionally, with the typical
message 'Limited or no connectivity'. After this I physically plug the router
into the generic 10/100 port on the motherboard and connectivity is fine (not
being wireless of course).

Are there any possible reasons why two user accounts could behave
differently like this? Does Windows use the same settings for wireless
connections and TCP/IP etc no matter which user account is being used, or
could there be a difference in my settings?