I have an All-In-One connecting to my Laptop using an Ad Hoc Wireless Network.

Things seemed to work OK until a week ago. Apart from updates, nothing
changed... no new hardware or software.

Physically switching off the Wireless Adaptor caused a noticeable slow down
in arriving at the DeskTop. Then, Live OneCare began generating an error
saying that the OneCare Service was stopped or not working. This seemed to be
caused by the increasing delay until fully logged on - about three minutes at

Uninstalling OneCare and disabling Windows Firewall made no difference.
There are/were no other ant-malware programmes.

Testing with the System Configuration Utility (msconfig) revealed that
disabling the Workstation Service resolved the excessive delay, and starting
up returned to the normal 20 seconds or so.

A Websearch found that others had the same problem (going back several
years), and that further investigation pointed to Wireless Networking.

Switching on the Wireless Adaptor seemed to reduce the problem. However,
best results come from having the Adaptor Switched on, and Selecting the
Wireless Network Connection then choosing "Disable this network device" in
the Network Connections Folder. This not a satisfactory solution.

Does anyone have an other troubleshooting steps I could follow that may help
to resolve this age-old problem that seems to strike intermittently?