I am connected to the net at school via multiple gateways & routers that is
causing NIS2006 to alert constantly. This is Exacerbated by the fact that the
NIS2006 personal fiewall networking wizard is not detecting the wireless
gateways & routers so it will not do it automatically.

Next the IP address seems to be constantly changing (this is the cause of
the alerts). So I tried to set it up for arange of addresses but forgot how
to get it to do the last to sets for a range eg: say 128.193.XXX.XXX is the
common starting sets but the last 2 sets change all the time.

So I thought about doing the subnet mask for a range but started having
probs because the ports are continuinally changing as well.

So what's I guy supposed to do???

Have been told to do the free update by symantec and will do so when I get
home but the continuos alerts are severely annoying.


Jim A