Hi all,

Got a weird problem. I have an XP Pro SP2 computer connected to a
wireless lan via a bridge (the computer itself has a wired adapter).
The bridge is having an intermittent problem that causes it to reboot
periodically. I'm working on that issue.

The problem is, whenever the bridge hiccups, the animated network tray
icon pops up, and the icon remains even after the connection is
reestablished. Its status is always "Acquiring Network Address"
despite the machine being configured with a static IP address and the
DHCP Client service being permanently disabled. Also I have unchecked
both boxes in the adapter properties re: showing connectivity and
connection warnings - still the warning icon appears.

Additionally, the WZC service is disabled because the adapter is wired
and the DNS service is disabled because I use a host file. Network
DNS is provided by the router.

The only way I have found to make the icon go away is to open the
adapter TCP properties and press "apply" to reaffirm the static IP
configuration. Once I do that, the status changes immediately to
"Online" and remains until the next time the bridge hiccups.

As I understand it, with a static IP address, these warnings should
never appear. Is there something wrong with the configuration that
could be confusing it? I hate waste resources enabling unneeded