I have recently tried to set up a home wireless network with a Belkin G
router and wireless g USB adapter kit. My pc is running Windows XP. I used
the easy install wizard software that came with the router, and then used the
software that came with the USB adapter. This all seemed to be working fine,
but then the PC kept freezing intermittently. At first I thought the problem
was with the pc, and considered various troubleshooting avenues that are
typically linked with a pc freezing or locking up. None of these worked. As a
last measure I uninstalled the USB adapter software, and this has cured the
problem. Trouble is I can no longer connect to the internet.

Is there a way that I can use the Belkin router and adapter using Windows
XP's built in networking software? I have tried to see if the Belkin is
compatibile with Windows Connect Now technology, but cannot find any info on
this. It appears to me the Belkin software is causing the lockups, so am
hoping XPs inbuilt capabilites will solve the problem.

Thanks for any help